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Log Burner Installations

Once you have chosen your fireplace and all the products you have order come into our showroom it is time for the installation. Our engineers are always respectful and careful when working in the homes of our customers and there are certain things we ask you do before we arrive to ensure the job runs as smoothly as possible.

One the day of the installation there will be unavoidable disturbance in the room, but we can do everything in our power to minimise this and make sure the installation runs smoothly. What we will need you do to before you get there is roll back your carpets, remove anything from the fireplace area, things like ornaments and pictures and cover you furniture.

We bring our own dust sheets however we all think a double layer of protection is better, if the TV is going to stay in the room while the installation takes place we ask you to cover this a point the screen away from the work area.

If it is necessary for us to remove part of the skirting board, which sometime it is, we are not trained carpenters and so we are unable to replace, we will though give you information for very reputable carpenters in your area.

Stove Installations in Sevenoaks and Kent

We may require access to a dry place to store your products if there is any chance of rain, if possible we all also ask for parking for 2 vans as well. We are unable to carry any rumble away in our vans as the local authorities do not allow it and so you will have to arrange this to be collected; however we do clean it up into rubble bags for you.

For more information on our log burner installations give our showroom a call or pop in, if you are in the Kent and South East London area and we can talk through the process in more detail.