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Multi Fuel Stoves

Why would you choose a fireplace? Well for most people the attraction to a fireplace is the cosy feeling in the evenings sat around in the warmth perhaps with a book and glass of wine feeling very cosy, especially on a freezing cold winter's night. The other reason is the savings they can provide, what with rising prices for gas, oil and electricity. The last of the most popular reasons is of course the look of them, much better than a radiator!

Modern multi fuel stoves are very energy efficient and the price of the fuel compares with gas or electric alternatives. These stoves are also very clean, easy to use and maintain. With the new improved triple clean burn systems and hot air wash that keeps the glass clean.

Stove Installations in Sevenoaks and Kent

Another factor in favour of installing wood burning stoves is that they are very environmentally friendly; most people assume that because they can see that the fireplace burning wood and creating smoke that they are unclean. Wood is renewable and in the course of growing new trees, carbon is extracted from the atmosphere and locked back up inside the wood. The carbon in a tree is eventually released back into the atmosphere regardless, so burning it releases no more carbon than leaving it to rot. It is a more-or-less balanced carbon cycle.

For more information on our multistoves and the best fuels to use with them give us a call, our team is always happy to help answer questions.