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Benefits of a Solid Fuel Burning Stove

Solid wood burning stoves remain popular. That's why home owners choose to install them when building new homes. Let's take a look at the benefits they offer.

Traditional wood burning stoves are very energy efficient. They will save you money, since solid fuel is more affordable compared to gas or electric. These stoves are very clean and easy to maintain too. Keep in mind to choose a Solid Fuel Association approved installer.

When it comes to the type of fuel you use for your stove, choose wisely. Always use good quality wood that is dry, like oak. This is a much better option than using fast growing ones. The quality of the wood will also determine how clean your stove will be. Another benefit is that they are environmentally friendly. That is why so many home-owners still choose to install them when building a home.

Wood burning stoves are good for your home because wood is renewable. This is a very balanced system that is environmentally friendly. Since burning wood won't release any harmful gasses, they are safe to use too. The majority of modern stoves are DEFRA approved. It means that they are safe and do not emit any harmful gasses or emissions.

There are still many attractive options if you don't want to go for a traditional wood burning stove. You can choose an electric stove or gas powered stove. Among the two, gas powered stoves are much more energy-efficient. This will help to reduce the amount of electricity you use.

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