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Do I Need a New Flue for a Stove Installation?

Installing a new stove should not be complicated. However, you need to be able to understand what is required for installation. Let's take a look at some of the steps required.

If you choose to add a flue the new stove, it counts as building work. Therefore, you need to add here to specific building regulations. In most cases you will not need approval to install a new stove.

However, if it involves installing a new chimney or a flue pipe system, you may need approval. This may be obtained from your local Building Council. If you work with a registered installer, they can also sign also provide you with a certificate.

You don't necessarily need a new flue for stove installation. If you use your existing system and it is still in good condition, it is not necessary. If your pipe system is very old, you may want to install a new flue pipe. You can also take a look at your chimney to determine whether it has been lined properly.

Older homes may still use exposed brick and it is a good idea to line it. It is not a legal requirement but it will help to prevent leaks. Most houses built after 1964 have been lined already.

When installing a stove with an existing flue system, you should check it for any problems. It is a good idea for the flue system to be swept clean and check for any blockages in the system. You can also ask a professional installer for health to the system thoroughly.

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