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Electric Fires and Stoves

Kelvin Fireplaces specialises in professional electric fires and stoves for your home. Electric fires are ideal for warmer new homes, with efficient central heating where you want the cosy glow of a fire or stove without any extra heat.

Our range of electric fires and stoves Available in a variety of modern styles. Our Fireplaces complement a variety of interiors without requiring a chimney. Our products incorporate a very realistic LED flame image so that you can benefit from modern technology and all the style you need.

Wall mounted electric fires allows you to add an instant feel of comfort and style to any home. There is no building work required and you can easily add this ambience in your bedroom too. Choose between landscape and portrait sized wall mounted fires. Our customers can enjoy this advanced technology at your fingertips.

Electric Fire Installations

We provide the latest technology from the biggest manufacturers. This allows us to give you a realistic flame picture. The brands we supply include Magiglo, Yeoman Electric, Dimplex and Capital Fireplaces.

We cater for every design trend including:

  • Contemporary Hole In The Wall models
  • Hang On The Wall varieties
  • Inset and Free Standing Fires
  • Free Standing Stoves

Electric fires are cost effective and the latest models have fan heaters with 1 and 2 kW settings. This means that the latest LED models can cost you as little as £1.00 to run for 1000 hours. This is with just the light switched on and you don't have to change the light bulbs.

For more information about electric fires and stoves, please don't hesitate to get in touch.