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Gas Fires and Stoves

Kelvin Fireplaces specialises in professional gas fires and stoves for your home. Gas fires are not the same as in the past. They have since been replaced with a much more effective and efficient glass fronted fire place. This can be seen in the form of wall models, or even inste fires. Even some of the best mult-fuel units have been replaced with these models.

We supply various well-known brands, including Morso, Nu-Flame, FDC and Gazco. Our units also come in various shapes and sizes, perfect for any home. Gas fires can deliver a lot of heat, whereas glass fronted models provides a much more modern look.

The majority of these ranges give you the option or remote or manual control. You can also enjoy a side control, or remote controls that are thermostatic.

This means you can have your fireplace switched on automatically in time for when you get home.

Gas Stove Installations

Wood burning or multi fuel stoves have recently become very popular. Many suppliers have started to combine various popular styles. These styles are often manufactured from the same materials like steel and cast iron.

The latest models offered are glass fronted gas fires. This gives a very realistic result and it's a very simple, easy to use unit that also works with a remote control.

You can have gas fires and stoves installed with or without a chimney. This is only possible if it can be installed against the right outside wall, usually non-flammable. Kelvin Fireplaces can manufacture a flase chimney if you require one. Our showroom will offer a few of these models, so have a look and feel free to enquire about any of our products.

For more information about gas fires and stoves, please don't hesitate to get in touch.