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Why Choose a HETAS Installer?

When it comes to installing new stove fireplace, make sure you make use of a HETAS installer. Let's take a look at why you should use these professional installers.

When you install a new gas appliance it is recommended to work with an approved installer. There are many benefits of choosing a HETAS installer. You will enjoy fair pricing, as well as a safe and professional installation service.

You can easily search for a reliable installer online or make use of the HETAS website. You can also get helpful advice and guidance on how to efficiently use your system. A qualified installer can assist you with a variety of information. This includes boilers, wood appliances, heating systems and more.

Buying from an approved retailer ensures that you get fair pricing. You also get good quality products that are safe and effective. You can enquire about a list of approved appliances for your home.

HETAS is the official body that approves and tests all appliances and equipment. They also govern the installers provide this service to you. They have to adhere to the list of safety standards and regulations.

When you work with an approved installer you will get a quality installation service. You will know that your appliance is installed safely and that it will work properly. In quality service is very important as you need your heating systems to be reliable at all times. That's why it is always recommended to work with a HETAS approved installer.

Incendiary offer a premium fireplace and stove installation service. We offer a HETAS approved fitting service throughout Sevenoaks and the surrounding areas of Kent.